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Valerie Joyce New DSD Recordings Debut at RMAF

Valerie Joyce New DSD Recordings Debut at RMAF

Posted by
Saturday, October 20, 2012 - 15:08

Valerie Joyce joined Cookie Marenco and Patrick O'Connor in the Sony AR room at RMAF to hear her latest recordings played back as DSD audio for the first time.  The smile on her face told it all.  Blue Coast Records would like to thank everyone from Sony for making the sessions happen and to Chesky Records for letting Blue Coast record Valerie in the E.S.E. technique for DSD downloads!  We'd also like to thank Marco de Carvalho, guitarist, for his beautiful guitar playing. 

You can read Motoyuki Sugiura's, Senior Acoustic Evangelist, account of the session and listen for yourselves.