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Producer's Choice MQD 24k Gold CD Master Quality Disc

Producer's Choice 24k Gold CD Image

Producer's Choice MQD 24k Gold CD Master Quality Disc

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PCM 44.1kHz (WAV)
MQD 24k Master Quality Disc CD
Click the arrows for audio samples:
1. You Can Close Your Eyes [4:20]
Jenna Mammina & Matt Rollings from Remix Event 15 May 2012
2. Aurora Borealis [4:29]
Houston Jones from Calico Heart
3. I Can't Make You Love Me [7:12]
Rob Ickes from Road Song
4. Loving You Always [3:30]
Keith Greeninger & City Folk from Special Event 18 March 2012
5. Bid You Goodnight [5:57]
Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai from Make It Rain
6. Not Sick of Love [5:04]
Joshua Lowe and the Juncos from At The Feet of Old Bristlecone
7. Three Crow Town [4:29]
Springhouse (Jane Selkye & Chris Kee) from Colville
8. Unsinkable [5:52]
Suzie Daines from Love is Absolutely Free
9. The Elemental Now [3:55]
Mick Overman from Mister Double Happiness
10. So Many Stars [5:00]
John Moriarty Trio from So Many Stars
11. Cult of Beauty [10:40]
Gregory James from Cult of Beauty
12. Rite of Scorpio [7:49]
Paul Hanson from Voodoo Suite

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Master Quality Disc (MQD) 24k Gold Redbook CD. 

Producer's Choice Gold disc was made to be a collector’s item.   This 24K Gold Disc is hand-labeled and individually made. Each one is the quality of a master that we would send out for replication. 

Due to the demand for this MQD Disc we have decided to lift the quantity limit and will continue to ship beyond the original 100 copies.

The music includes 12 favorite songs of the producer, Cookie Marenco, recorded over the last decade.  These incredible songs have always deserved more attention.  Produced at our Blue Coast Mastering Studios using our own MQD 24k Gold CDs, these red book CDs are burned from our servers one by one at optimal speeds.

These are hand labeled discs, signed by Cookie Marenco, using a special pen so as not to damage the disc. While there are no album graphics, we've included the Table of Contents that we would normally send to the plant. This is truly a master!

Don't let the "Ugly Duckling" packaging fool your senses.  This Gold disc will turn into a beautiful swan in your CD player!

NOTE: check your catalog to see if you've already purchased these songs as downloads.  Not all songs are available as DSD downloads. 

This is a collector piece.  You won't be able to make a better sounding CD of these songs.