About Blue Coast Records

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Experience the critically acclaimed sound known to audiophiles worldwide and now available on all music services. Our live-in-the-studio recordings combine exceptional musicianship with the highest audio quality. Whether you’re listening on headphones, streaming from your phone or relaxing in your music cave, you’ll hear the difference.

Recording live in the studio achieves the most dynamic and emotional results. Stories unfold, every breath is heard and each nuance creates striking results. Blue Coast Records adds the studio skills of award-winning engineers, producers and musicians to give you an outstanding listening experience.

Using vintage recording equipment along with the latest recording technology is only the beginning. With award-winning and history-making engineers the results are unparalleled sound. Blue Coast Records created Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) to assure the listener the same experience we share with the musicians in the studio.

Unhampered by headphones or overdubs, musicians bring an emotional experience to every performance. Often forgotten in a rehearsal room or concert hall are these expressions of the soul. At Blue Coast Records we strive to capture the height of emotion for the listener to feel and transcend. Whether you laugh or cry, you’ll be transported to the studio with every listen.