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Welcome to Blue Coast Records.  We specialize in recording direct to DSD and tape to capture the natural acoustic sounds of our artists.

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About E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment)

About E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment)

Before Blue Coast Records was founded, Cookie Marenco joined with French engineer, Jean Claude Reynaud, to raise the standards in audio recording for the next generation of audiophiles.  These two engineers shared a common vision to couple exciting live performances with excellent sound experiences.  

In Dec 2002, Marenco and Reynaud entered the studio with a group of hand chosen musicians to experiement with new recording techniques.  During these sessions, extensive experimentation was done, including comparison tests using analog tape, DSD (Direct Stream Digital) and high sampling rate PCM Digital.

Part of the E.S.E. technique includes recording to DSD or analog tape while musicians perform live in the studio without the use of headphones or overdubs. The music is mixed to DSD or 1/2" tape.  The music never enters a PCM digital state, which Marenco feels compromises the sound.  Hand-made cables, modified preamps and carefully chosen microphones are also part of the recording requirements.  Most important, the musicians are in the same room, positioning themselves to hear each other without headphones.  This requires musicians of the highest caliber.  No corrections or vocal fixing overdubs are allowed.  Attention to eliminating phase, blending the room and direct mics and creating balanced dynamics bring stunning results that places the listener in an audio hologram of the music. 

The results of those tests became the proprietary recording technique now called E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment).  The performances from those first sessions became the Blue Coast Collection 1, an album that set a new standard of acoustic recording excellence.   Now, as Blue Coast Records, Marenco regularly assembles world-class performers, to perform at her recording facility using the E.S.E. technique.  Blue Coast Records has released more than 30 full length recordings using the E.S.E. technique.  Many indie labels have sought her out to recording using E.S.E.

We would like to thank all of those people who supported our early efforts to bring higher quality music to the mainstream.  

These are a few people who helped us along the way.
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