You might have run across the term “Blue Coast Artists” on our collections and compilations. What is a Blue Coast Artist?

A Blue Coast Artist is someone that has been handpicked by us or our trusted sources—usually another Blue Coast Artist. 

Someone chosen to be a Blue Coast Artist has either recorded their own album with us in the past or we’ve seen them perform live or they come highly recommended. With that in mind, we prefer having worked with the artist in the past because we know what suits them musically, know they are willing to record live and are ready to give up preconceived notions that every note must be perfect.

After more than 30 years recording more than 500 albums as a hired gun, producer and founder, Cookie Marenco, realized that her favorite part of the session was when the musicians were rehearsing and having fun. They were telling the story of the song without fear of being recorded.

Even a great performer can be stricken with fear when the record light goes on. Endless fixing in search of perfection often destroys the heart and soul of the song.  

A Blue Coast Artist is someone who understands that the emotional content might be best determined by the listeners. They have surrendered perfection and their performance to the producer and listeners. Some of the greatest musicians have a difficult time with this concept.

For this reason, becoming a Blue Coast Artist is a badge of honor. It means the artist has given everything to the story and emotion of the song. For this exchange of perfection, they have captured our hearts.