Dayan Kai is a true force of musical nature. Known for his soulful voice, powerful songwriting, and multi-instrumental prowess, “Dayan is perhaps one of the most complete and talented musicians . . . not only is he a dazzling multi-instrumentalist, but also a soulful vocalist with a stratospheric range and a poignant songwriter who knows how to heal with his compositions.”

Born on the island of Maui, Dayan Kai’s family moved to California when he was a small child so he could attend public school (from Maui he would have been sent a special “school for the blind” on the island of Oahu). Dayan began playing music at the age of two, and has explored every instrument he could get his hands on since then. 

Dayan’s musical ventures have spanned genres and instruments around the world. His background ranges from blues and jazz to Americana, Hawaiian, world, country, rock and much more. He has toured nationally and internationally as a solo artist and with a wide range of musicians. 

Dayan has performed for Blue Coast as a solo artist and in collaboration with Keith Greeninger. The duo’s collaboration “Looking for a Home,” performed live-in-the-studio, became the most popular song in Blue Coast Records’ history. 

An extraordinary artist who weaves between worlds, Dayan Kai continually brings new insights, interpretations, and reflections to a vast array of music. He currently resides on the island of Maui.