Garett Brennan is a Portland, Oregon based songwriter, singer, and instrumentalist. His solo work explores the far intimate corners of the acoustic, roots and Americana worlds. His side project work with pigWar explores the fringe boundaries of soul, psychedelic and rock. His live performances are undeniably authentic and raw.

In 2002 Garett was asked to come to the Bay Area and be part of the initial test recordings for Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) with Cookie Marenco and Jean Claude Reynaud. Garett was the only artist asked to the session who had never worked with Cookie in the past. His passionate playing led to more recordings for Blue Coast Records.

Garett’s side project is a psychedelic soul band called pigWar. The project fuses the rhythm section grooves of 60s/70s soul, and the modern rock guitar sensibility of artists like Jack White. The shows are explosive and totally different than the mellow, intimate acoustic work he creates for Blue Coast Records. Members of the band also appear on Room Above the Ocean in a live recording setting for Blue Coast Records.

He often collaborates with guitarist and producer Jon Neufeld (Jackstraw, Dolorean, Martha Scanlan, Black Prairie, etc.). Blue Coast Records welcomed them to perform live in the studio for Garett’s second album on Blue Coast Records called Room Above the Ocean.

Depending on the season….skiing, surfing and mountain biking can often be found competing for time against the demands of songwriting, touring and recording.