Joanne Hogg is a Northern Irish singer and songwriter with a musical career that has spanned three decades. Best known for her role as lead vocalist in Iona, a UK based progressive Celtic rock band, she is also the “voice “ of Xenogears. 

Her distinctively Northern European vocal sound has a soulful, Celtic quality, at times ethereal and delicate, yet with the capacity for passionate and powerful delivery of her heartfelt lyrics. Her songs cover a wide range of themes, both personal and global, with spiritual and intuitive elements. There is also a reflective and compassionate view on some of planet earth’s lamentable tragedies.

Her husband, Steve, was a fan of Blue Coast Records’ HD sound and had an idea that Jo would be perfect for Blue Coast Records. When producer and founder of Blue Coast Records, Cookie Marenco, first heard Jo’s home iPhone recordings, she knew immediately that Jo could be a Blue Coast Artist. Jo and Steve flew out from Ireland to the Bay Area.  

Jo and the 7’ Steinway at OTR had a love affair and recorded 3 albums in 3 days—two of them for Blue Coast Records.

“The chill of the space between, the breath of a human, the call of the wild, the angst of a life well lived. That is Jo,” says Cookie. “In my 30 plus years of recording, I haven’t experienced a command of voice, instrument and emotion quite like Jo.”

But command of her musical instruments isn’t all that Jo is about. She is an expert horsewoman and advocate for taking care of people around the world less fortunate than herself.