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Welcome to Blue Coast Records.  We specialize in recording direct to DSD and tape to capture the natural acoustic sounds of our artists.

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Special BAAS Event at Blue Coast Studios February 23, 2013

Special BAAS Event at Blue Coast Studios February 23, 2013

Exclusive DSD Event for Members of BAAS on Feb 23, 2013

Jason McGuire ImageFeaturing Performances by Flamenco Guitarist Jason McGuire and
Live Recording by Cookie Marenco to DSD Digital

Live Performances will be followed by DSD DAC Shootout -
DACs available for comparison include units from Mytek, Playback Designs, Benchmark and TEAC

Suggested donation is $20 per person and each session will be limited to 20 people.  For other donation amounts, please write to support@bluecoastrecords.com or call 650 595 8475

Event is Sold Out.  For waiting list information please contact us.

This will be a great chance to learn more about DSD (Direct Stream Digital) for both recording and playback at home.  Blue Coast Artist, Jason McGuire was a BAAS performer several years ago at the studio.  He's best known as an extraordinary newcomer to the Flamenco music scene.  Jason will be performing 3-5 songs in each set, all recorded by Cookie Marenco, directly to the Sonoma System professional DSD recorder. All songs recorded that day will be made available for DSD, 9624 and 44.1 download within the week.

DSD DAC comparisons will be led by Bob Walters in the main room, which features the fabulous Sony AR1 loudspeakers.  We'll also have a second system set up in the control room for a demo comparing master-tape, DSD and PCM versions of the same track

The DAC comparison will be done initially using 3 carefully-selected 2-minute track excerpts. The selections will span multiple genres and musical complexities. The process will then be repeated using 3 PCM selections. Finally, the group will select one of the test DACs for more in-depth listening, including member-selected tracks.
Patrick O'Connor, our resident computer audio expert will be on hand to help with questions about set up using JRiver, Audirvana and other song managers.
Question and answer periods will be made available.  Photography welcomed.

BAAS members will have until Feb 12, 2013 to reserve a place at the event.  After Feb 12, reservations will open to the general public.  If you have any questions please write to support@bluecoastrecords.com or call 650 595 8475 or contact Bob.  Event location is Belmont CA, we'll send directions upon reservation.