Playlists for your Lifestyle

Celebrating Earth Day

Calling Earth
Creator: Blue Coast Records
Details: 20 Tracks | 01h 34m 36s

Celebrate Earth Day with music from Blue Coast Records Artists to put you in the spirit of celebrating and taking care of our planet.

Blue Coast Artist Influences Series

My Influences: Fiona Joy Hawkins
Creator: Fiona Joy Hawkins
Details: 37 Tracks | 2h 46m 21s

Blue Coast Records artist Fiona Joy Hawkins shares influential music for her career: “This music has shaped my career by touching my soul and making an indelible mark with a depth of musical story-telling that goes beyond”.

Sláinte from Blue Coast Records

Celtic Cheer - Good Health to All!
Creator: Blue Coast Records
Details: 15 Tracks | 01h 09m 05s

Sláinte from Blue Coast Records! Enjoy a playlist perfect for your raising a glass on St. Patrick’s Day.

Blue Coast Records Romance

Be My Valentine - Blue Coast Records Romance
Creator: Blue Coast Crew
Details: 25 Tracks | 01h 47m

Enjoy our favorite love songs from the Blue Coast Records catalog!

Surprise Party

Creator: Blue Coast Crew
Details: 62 Tracks | 05h 00m 05s

The latest releases from Blue Coast Records

Music That Inspires

Creator: Blue Coast Crew
Details: 51 Tracks | 03h 47m 33s

A variety of original songs and songs you love in this playlist of Blue Coast Artists performing on the 1885 Steinway 7′ Piano.

Celebrate the Good Life

Creator: Blue Coast Crew
Details: 46 Tracks | 03h 27m 42s

Original songs and covers performed by Blue Coast Artists. All acoustic, all recorded live in the studio.

Enjoy the Weekend

Creator: Blue Coast Crew
Details: 359 Tracks | 26h 28m 04s

The complete catalog of Blue Coast Records featuring acoustic music performed live in the studio without headphones.