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Welcome to Blue Coast Records.  We specialize in recording direct to DSD and tape to capture the natural acoustic sounds of our artists.

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First Live Streaming DSD Concert in the USA!

First Live Streaming DSD Concert in the USA!

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Monday, April 18, 2016 - 15:38

On April 21, 2016 Blue Coast Records will host the first in the United States live streaming DSD concert.  Acoustic guitar phenom, Alex de Grassi and the fans favorite songstress, Jenna Mammina, will be performing a concert from the Skywalker Sound stage.  The concert is scheduled to begin at 2pm and end at 3pm PDT.

Cookie Marenco and crew will be on hand to record the event using their Extended Sound Environment technique while Primeseat from Japan makes the webcast available to the world.  To hear the concert, first download the Primeseat app at:


If you miss the live event, you can still hear the concert on demand in DSD128 or any other WAV or FLAC format your computer and soundcard allows.  Go to this page for more information.  http://primeseat.net/en/news/20160413-000347.html

DSD or Direct Stream Digital is a very high resolution audio file that can have files as big as 10 gigabytes per album.  This concert will be webcast in DSD128 which is the equivalent of 5 gigabytes for one hour of stereo music.  Other high resolution formats like FLAC, WAV 9624  or lower resolution audio will also be available for listening to the concert.

Blue Coast Records is proud to be part of this historic event!