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Flash Jam Launched at RMAF 2016! Meet the Artists!!

Flash Jam Launched at RMAF 2016! Meet the Artists!!

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Monday, October 10, 2016 - 16:52
Flash Jam

Rocky Mountain Audiofest marked the spontaneous combustion (launch) of Flash Jam!  What is a "Flash Jam"?  It's when musicians gather to a single place and assemble to perform.  The musicians don't necessarily need to know each other or to have played together before -- just show up with an instrument.

RMAF 2016 provided an interesting opportunity to try a Flash Jam performance since the hotel was under construction and the usual entertainment had to be removed from the events.  But, that doesn't stop some people from inviting great musicians to meet the audiophiles and hear the great new gear manufacturers are bringing.  Blue Coast Records and Cookie Marenco brought Meghan Andrews (voice and guitar), Valerie Joyce (voice) and Marco Ferrero (bass) to RMAF.  The Magic Bus and Jon Whitledge invited Larry Mitchell (electric guitar) and Dawn Avery, who plays cello and sings in the Mohawk language.

The first official Flash Jam took place at 5pm Saturday, October 8, 2016 when the 5 musicians (under the influence of Cookie Marenco) met in the lobby of the Denver Marriot Tech Center armed with instruments.  Unknowingly, Doug White (The Voice That Is) casually walked up to say hi and was immediately asked if the musicians could use the room for an impromptu performance.  Doug, of course, said "yes"!  How could he refuse.  :)

The musicians, producer and room owner seized control of an elevator and stormed room 7026.  The first Flash Jam song performed was "White Horses" since it seemed that was a song everyone could hum even if they didn't know the chords to the music.  Eveeryone was shocked by the incredible performance.. even the musicians.  A band was formed.

On the following day, the Peachtree Audio / Zu room was seized for Flash Jam 2.  Without any notification, hundreds of audiophiles came into the room while the band played for 30 minutes.... maybe because David Solomon (Peachtree Audio) was live streaming the whole event.  Before the musicians could pack up, text messages were flying for Flash Jam 3 which happened in the PS Audio room, videotaped by Paul McGowan and coordinated by Bill Leebens.

The musicians ran out of discs... so if you're interested to learn more and purchase music... here are some websites...

Meghan Andrews and Marco Ferrero -- Special Event 43

Valerie Joyce -- For Heaven's Sake

Larry Mitchell -- Music

Dawn Avery -- 50 Shades

Blue Coast Records -- Newport Sampler

For those who dare,


Hosted by Doug White in his The Voice That Is Room, Flash Jam 1 ... the first ever Flash Jam performed at RMAF Oct 8, 2016

Here is the streaming video captured by David Solomon of Flash Jam 2, held in the Peachtree Audio/Zu Room

And the last Flash Jam at RMAF 2016 at PS Audio room hosted by Paul McGowan.

David Slattery's Flash Jam review on Computeraudiophile.com