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Solo Recordings from Dayan Kai Direct to DSD Digital Now Available

Solo Recordings from Dayan Kai Direct to DSD Digital Now Available

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 11:57
Dayan Kai image

Most of the time we hear Dayan Kai paired up with Keith Greeninger for Blue Coast Recordings.  As Dayan prepares to move to Hawaii, Blue Coast Records brought him back into the studio to record.  These first 5 solo songs were so exceptional, we couldn't wait to release them as a Special Event!


Dayan has been a regular at our studios for many years backing up hundreds of musicians as a sideman playing guitar, mandolin, dobro, trumpet, drums, singing backup vocals, and performing on many other instruments - not to mention his work as a producer.  What many people don't know about Dayan is that he's blind.  We don't talk about it much because he doesn't let it stop him from travelling the world as a performer.  He makes his way around the studio better than most as well, and maybe better because he is so tuned into what he hears.

The recordings were captured directly to the Sonoma System using 2.8MHz DSD Digital then mixed through an analog console and back to DSD.  No overdubs or headphones were used in the recording to satisfy the E.S.E. technique used for Blue Coast Records.  As always, our proprietary cable was a big part of the sound.

An exceptional performer and great person, we expect him back in the studio on many occassions.

Check out "Thanks For All The Things You Do" and Happy Thanksgiving, all!