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San Francisco Symphony Mahler No. 2 Now As DSD Download!

San Francisco Symphony Mahler No. 2 Now As DSD Download!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 00:00

San Francisco Symphony
Mahler Symphony No 2....


A few months ago our sister site, Downloads NOW! released DSD downloads of the Mahler No 1 recorded by the San Francisco Symphony.  Although we typically reserve Blue Coast Records for music solely recorded by us, we felt this recording was of the quality we WISHED we had been the ones to record it.  :)  We are very proud of this recording.

San Francisco Symphony's recording of Mahler's Symphony No. 2 in DSD, originally recorded to DSD.  We received the DSD files directly from the Symphony staff to create the downloads you'll be enjoying in your homes.  

This is the largest set of files ever released on Downloads NOW! We don't expect any problems with downloading but we recommend you use a reliable and fast internet connection.  The 42 page booklet that accompanies the music is available for free download at our website.  Here's a quote from the booklet ....

The first movement celebrates a dead hero, retaining its original Todtenfeier aspect.   The second and third movements represent retrospect, the former being innocent and nostalgic, the latter including a certain element of the grotesque. The fourth and fifth movements are the resolution and deal with the Last Judgment, redemption and resurrection.

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The Mahler Symphony No.2 is more than 86 minutes of music that originally was released as a double SACD recording. 

We took special care to preserve the original masters as they sounded before reaching the SACD authoring stage.  Here's an excerpt from Audiostream ...
I have heard this recording many times with the PCM 24/96 files sold by HDtracks. The native DSD files have proven to be something else. The Analog DAC / Analog Power Base reproduced explosive dynamic contrasts that the 24/96 version never came close to. The background silence was striking with this recording as was the reproduction of the immense soundstage." -- Steven Plaskin.  

For the full review, please read here.

Most challenging for delivery is that one movement is more than 36 minutes and another more than 23 minutes.  Because we don't compress the files for the sake of audio quality, that's about a gig or more for each of those movements.  It's challenging for us to deliver and offer good customer service.  It's also challenging for our music lovers to download unless you're prepared.  For some systems it's difficult to play files longer than 10 minutes without attention to latest updates of your software and firmware.  As you know, our attention to customer service matches are attention to the music we deliver and we attempt to help make your experience worth your while.