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PranaWire Photon USB Cable

PranaWire Photon USB Cable

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PranaWire Photon USB Cable Image
PranaWire Photon USB Cable Image

PranaWire’s Photon USB Cable uses pure silver signal conductors with extensive use of noise and vibration canceling materials and multiple layered insulation and shielding technology. Highest- grade connectors are used. By focusing on removing all of the harmful influences from computers and their environs, a new level of USB performance has been achieved.

Michael Garner of Tweek Geek reviews the PranaWire Photon USB cable:
"The Prana Wire does give you more. More inner resolution, more separation of instruments, more dynamics, more bass definition and more air. It does so at a price, but to my ears, it is worth the investment in my enjoyment of music. Well done Prana Wire, I have a new reference."

link to full review: http://tweekgeek.blogspot.com/2013/10/usb-cable-comparison-wireworld-platinum.html

Sorry, continental USA shipments only.  For Purchase or Questions please write to us at support@bluecoastrecords.com.


Photon 0.6Ultra-Quiet Multi-Layered USB 0.6 Meters$995 + Shipping
Photon 1.2Ultra-Quiet Multi-Layered USB 1.2 Meters$1295 + Shipping
Photon 1.8Ultra-Quiet Multi-Layered USB 1.8 Meters$1495 + Shipping
Photon 3.0Ultra-Quiet Multi-Layered USB 3.0 Meters$1895 + Shipping