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PS Audio DirectStream DAC

PS Audio DirectStream DAC

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PS Audio DirectStream DAC
PS Audio DirectStream DAC

Price: $5995 + Shipping.  Please contact us to order or if you have any questions.

We are offering a $300 music coupon with approved purchase from us.

The PS Audio DirectStream is a DAC with some unique design characteristics.
CD’s, downloads, high-resolution PCM or DSD based media is up-sampled to 10x the 2.8MHz DSD rate before processing occurs. Multi-stage filtering is used to reduce incoming jitter. After processing, the data is converted to DSD 5.6MHz.
This stream is sent through the passive analog filtering system and then fed to the high-quality audio transformer. PS Audio states this circumvents the alteration and loss of high frequencies that is common in competing designs using an active analog output design.
The programmable chip set for the core processing allows software upgrades through SD cards.
The Master Clock is located near the analog output transformer so that no more jitter can creep in at that crucial juncture. The analog output is transformer coupled, which also helps reduce noise.
The unit is fairly large at 17”x14”x4” (431.8mmx 355.6mmx101.6mm) and weighs 22 pounds (9.97kg). The large size allows the component layout to aid in reducing noise, hum and jitter.

Product updates and drivers can be found here on the PS Audio website.

"After listening to the PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC for the past few months it is my opinion that DirectStream represents a new benchmark in audio reproduction."
 - Stereo Times