Borderline turns loose some masters of acoustic instruments and vocals who perform songs from several musical genres and styles. You’ll hear influences from Tex-Mex such as Josephina and Across the Borderline, Bahamian soul and gospel, George Harrison’s beautiful Something, and contemporary folk sentiment such as It’s a Good Day.

Keith Greeninger, Roger Feuer and Kimball Hurd make up the band called City Folk. Their sweet harmonies are balanced by guitars, mandolins and more. All musicians contribute rich lead vocals that blend perfectly with the layers of string instruments.

Without headphones or overdubs, producer and engineer Cookie Marenco captured the live performance with her Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) techniques. Passionate performances captured in exquisite sound makes for a wonderful concert in your living room.


  1. It’s A Good Day (8:00)
  2. All The Diamonds (4:17)
  3. I Just Don’t Know (4:06)
  4. Across The Borderline (4:26)
  5. Josephina (4:13)
  6. Something (4:13)
  7. Ninety Weight Brew (4:48)
  8. Loving You Always (3:25)
  9. Old Friend (3:48)
  10. Rivers of Babylon (2:11)
  11. Rock It With I (6:36)