Compiled from our first four PRIME Episodes, Discover New Music (Volume One) features some of our favorite singer-songwriters including Jenner Fox covering classics by Guy Clark, Bob Dylan and John Prine.  Jenna Mammina’s beautiful interpretation of the standard “My One And Only Love” as well as solo piano pieces by Fiona Joy Hawkins and John R. Burr. Also listen to David Jacobs-Strain’s slide guitar on Nancy Cassidy’s “Rocky Road”…


  1. Dublin Blues
  2. Running on Joy
  3. Rocky Road
  4. My One And Only Love
  5. Desire
  6. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
  7. Mexico
  8. Angel Dream
  9. Golden Eyes
  10. The Temptation of Adam
  11. Lonesome Drifter
  12. That’s the Way the World Goes Round