Mostly Piano sets a relaxing mood that features favorite pianists like Fiona Joy Hawkins, John R Burr and Art Lande who stretch the range of songs from new-age to jazz to popular songs. The album is enhanced with duo pieces that include violin and bass. All songs were recorded on the same Steinway 1885 B piano, live with no overdubs. If you love solo piano, you’ve found the right album.

All artists performed live in the studio using Blue Coast Records proprietary technique called Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.). These songs were originally recorded to DSD and tape. Cookie Marenco was the engineer and producer on this album. Patrick O’Connor was the digital DSD operator.


  1. Fire and Rain
  2. Little Brother
  3. Finding The Way Out
  4. We Kiss In A Shadow
  5. Mother
  6. La baie du Murlough
  7. The Solo Tango
  8. Still
  9. You Are My Sunshine
  10. Ashokan Farewell
  11. Improv