Producer’s Choice Gold disc was made to be a collector’s item. The music includes 12 favorite songs of the producer, Cookie Marenco, recorded and produced by her over the last decade for indie labels or Blue Coast Records. These incredible songs have always deserved more attention.

These songs were mixed to Direct Stream Digital One Bit Recording using the Sonoma Systems.

Until 2014, this set of music was only available as Master Quality Disc (MQD) 24k Gold Redbook CD. Some of the music required remixing from the original 2″ masters to meet Blue Coast Records standards of mixing to analog tape or DSD. All of the songs have been remastered to work best as a complete collection in this set of music.

This 24K Gold Disc is hand-labeled and individually made. Each one is the quality of a master that we would send out for replication. MQDs are manufactured at our Blue Coast Studios using our own MQD 24k Gold CDs. These red book CDs are burned from our servers one by one at optimal speeds, signed, tested and numbered.

These hand labeled discs are signed by Cookie Marenco, using a special pen so as not to damage the disc. While there are no album graphics, we’ve included the Table of Contents that we would normally send to the plant. This is truly a master!


  1. You Can Close Your Eyes
  2. Aurora Borealis
  3. I Can’t Make You Love Me
  4. Loving You Always
  5. Bid You Goodnight
  6. Not Sick of Love
  7. Three Crow Town
  8. Unsinkable
  9. The Elemental Now
  10. So Many Stars
  11. Cult of Beauty
  12. Rite of Scorpio